What to Do When You Become Pregnant?

What to Do When You Become Pregnant? If you are trying to get pregnant and have succeeded, you should feel fortunate and embrace the joy of this moment. Many individuals face fertility issues and, despite undergoing treatment, may struggle to conceive. When you learn about your pregnancy, the first thing you should do is have […]

Preconception Care Guidelines

Preconception Care Guidelines It is beneficial to consult with a gynecologist before attempting pregnancy for a healthy gestation. If you are considering delaying pregnancy, it is recommended to check your egg reserve before making this decision. This is particularly important for those with a family history of early menopause and infertility or for those aged […]

The Use of Omega-3 During Pregnancy

The Use of Omega-3 During Pregnancy Pregnancy is an anabolic state where energy requirements, along with the need for vitamins and minerals, increase. The development and health of the fetus are closely related to the mother’s nutrition. Inadequate nutrition and deficiencies in vitamins and minerals can lead to adverse pregnancy outcomes. In addition to sufficient […]

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